3-4-12Discovery! “Bird of mythology ” !

wangThalasseus bernsteini was named in 1863 and it has been more than 150 years with extremely few records. Since it is as mysterious as phoenix in the legend, it is also called “bird of mythology”. In Matsu, it was originally the regional lifting of battlefield. The deserted islands also returned to nature. Without the disturbance of human beings, they became the best places for theses birds to breed. For the sustainability of the unique scene, Matsu drew up these deserted islands as “conservation area of Thalasseus bernsteini of Matsu Islands”.

However, some Chinese fishermen stepped beyond the boundary for fishing. When they discovered the eggs of birds ashore, they picked them up without realizing that these were the eggs extremely precious. Although conservation area benefited Thalasseus bernsteini, it was considerably difficult to conserve them in the ocean with inconvenient traffic. Thus, I intend to exhibit paper cut work in different places to allow more people to recognize the current obstacles of Thalasseus bernsteini and conserve them so that they will not be endangered again!

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