3-4-5Creation concept of ecological conservation

3-4-13I enjoyed watching birds and studying the habits of various kinds of birds. I realized that their habitats were deteriorating and some even disappeared. I was worried and thus I started the idea to combine my creation with ecological conservation of birds. Since then, birds have become the topic of my creation. The early creations were presented by festive lanterns and paper cut was the decoration. However, the exhibition time was not much and it could not actively promote ecological conservation. Therefore, I decided to employ paper cut, mosaic mural, bronze ware, etc.

In my opinion, the explanation to the public is not effective since many people hate listening to the lectures and they can even fall asleep. Paper cut can not only draw everyone’s attention, but also make the audience to perceive the beauty of wild bird and develop the affection. Thus, when there is crisis in habitats of birds or conflicts with economy, they will think and act “based on the concern of birds”. We often say “what happened today on birds will be the future on human beings”. Ecology on earth is based on connected chain and human beings should prepare for the future and “bird-based” means “human-based”.

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