3-4-9Introduction of the master

wangMr. Jen-wen Wang was born in Nantou of Taiwan in 1958. He has been art teacher in Chung Shan Elementary School of Changhua City. After retirement, he was the volunteer in Wild Bird Society. Since he profoundly recognized the importance of wild bird ecological conservation, he combined art with it and through art work and art activities such as paper cut and free pour, he promoted wild bird ecological conservation. He has held solo exhibitions in Taiwan, UK, Canada, etc. and his work was designated by Office of the President as the gift to foreign guests and was popular with the people in U.S., UK, Japan, Italy, Israel, Jordan and BirdLife International.

In British Birdwatching Fair in 1999, he was awarded as the first place in the category of bird art. In 2000, Mr. Jen-wen Wang was invited by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and presented his work again in the exhibition of UK and it has been an extremely great success.

In 2002, he exhibited the work in Canada and his work was popular with local people. It enhanced the exchange between Taiwan and Canada. Mr. Jen-wen Wang considerably contributed to the fields of art and conservation.

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