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Through this Cyberfair Project about white shaddock, we have visited the shaddock orchard of Mr. Wen-chung Huang, one member of No. 4 Production and Marketing Group for White Shaddock in the village, and participated in the production of white shaddock essential oil. Through the interaction with and learning from the elders, we have developed deeper affection for this land, which is one unforgettable sign in our lives.

In fact, during this competition, many people have provided assistance for us. We are happy children living in Ershui, a wonderful place, so warm-hearted fellow villagers and elders always take special care of us. Because of this, we are determined to study harder and make some contributions to our hometown in the future. As long as we are willing to unite on this purpose, we will certainly be better off.¡@¡@

At the initial stage of this competition, we have witnessed the seniors selected Mesona, a new legend of Ershui, as the object of Cyberfair project and sold such commercial crop which is vital to our life all over Taiwan and the world. From that moment, we have made up our mind to learn from the seniors and promote white shaddock most typical of Ershui on the internet so as to make everyone realize the advantages of Ershui white shaddock. This is a dream we are anxiously longing for.

We have improved our capabilities during each work, including daily subject learning, intensive and concentrated learning in holidays, and the interview with shaddock peasants. During each discussion and cooperation, we have learned how to view ourselves and others. With the accumulation of learning, we have developed deeper love for this land full of care and joy. Through our efforts and dedications, we have deeply experienced the love and affection that the land presents to us in return.

Due to abnormal climate in recent years, the output of white shaddock has varied a lot. The supply of white shaddock has overwhelmingly exceeded the demand in former years, so Mr. Wen-chung Huang has racked his brains over research and development to find new ways for local smallholders. After all, it is a great disappointment to end up with nothing after a whole year of busy farming. Being nearly sixty, Mr. Wen-chung Huan has lived on shaddock orchard all his life. In order to continue his shaddock business, he has to be immersed in Chemistry textbooks to learn how to produce essential oil and he even spends huge fund in buying distillation equipment. This is a tough road, and this is about his true love for the land on which we live together. We will pass on this love only through the reuse of secondary white shaddock, generation of high economic value, and government subsidy for shaddock peasants.

After hard work, Mr. Wen-chung Huang finally explored a feasible way with his production and marketing group. However, in recent two years, due to the chilling damage, rainfall, windstorm, and other factors, shaddock output has decreased sharply, which is a great headache to us. White shaddock is the lifeline for most Ershui households to raise children. Confronted with various challenges from year to year, they have survived on the strength of extraordinary endurance and deep affection for this land. At sight of the great efforts of the elders to cultivate this land, we hope God can bless Ershui and someone will develop more methods and techniques for white shaddock to make this land thriving and prosperous. ¡@¡@

For us, webpage making is only a challenge during learning process, and we may succeed or fail. However, from the perspective of elderly shaddock peasants with deep love for this land, our learning can give them hope that we will pass on the love for this land. Ershui is a simple agricultural township where we have grown up, and we are willing to attentively protect this land with the elders and to grow healthily and happily together with white shaddock in this warm world.

We appreciate the selflessness of Mr. Wen-chung Huang¡¦s family. They have guided us to complete all the steps of the work, from shaddock washing to oil refining. We will keep these touching moments in our memory and hold gratitude for everyone accompanying us during our growth process.