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The theme of Cyberfair Project is white shaddock because we are used to being close to the crop growing up with us in Ershui. On each Moon Festival, when everyone is in hot pursuit of shaddocks and pomelos originating from various producing areas, our most familiar must-have is white shaddock produced and sold by our hometown. However, although we are quite familiar with white shaddock, we have never tried to carefully survey and deeply understand her ¡§life¡¨ and ¡§development¡¨.

Through this Cyberfair Project, we have developed a more comprehensive understanding of white shaddock¡¦s characteristics, including its planting, development process, production of essential oil, as well as production and marketing ways. In addition, we have realized the new experience in daily life provided for us by various kinds of white shaddocks. In terms of this ¡§Cyberfair¡¨, we sincerely hope that with our affection for Ershui and relevant efforts, we can promote white shaddock to the whole Taiwan and even the world so as to make all the people realize the advantages of Ershui white shaddock.

Advantageous natural conditions in Ershui play an important role in the growth of white shaddock and our happy life. The favorable customs and practices in Ershui enable white shaddock and us to be closely connected to the world.