Historic Buildings
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  This is my first time participating in Cyberfair. I was so excited that I was on the team. I did not get the chance to learn website design in previous independent research competition, so this was a new challenge and eye opener for me.

  Historic building was a total new area for me, but once the project begun I realized that it's very handy to have learned many research methods in the past. We used field research on many locations. In the process, I learned about data compilation from Jiugongge, evoking some reflections on historic building. We made questionnaire survey ourselves, and distributed out in front of each building. Lots of people could not help us, but we still finished all sixty questionnaires. I learned how to collect questionnaires, make pie charts, and analyze results. We also interviewed the restaurant owner of outsourcing historic building and cultural heritage division chief. I had to be polite during interview. Document is also very essential. We looked up the history of every historic building.

  There were three female fourth graders in our team, and we had to teach them patiently. We needed their help on survey statistics and interview outlines. I learned the significance of teamwork. If you are running along by yourself and not helping others behind, the team will become a bitter fruit. Only one person did all the job, left others confused. In the end, only thing we got was argument, and goddess of victory will not smile on this project.

  Therefore, we had to learn from each other, compromise and fix the blind spots. Also we must come up with a complete plan, so everyone has his or her own job. We can finish a perfect project and taste the sweet result.