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The owner and our team

 In order to understand how the Second Kindergarten redeveloped into Han Pei Lo as historic building revitalization, we interviewed the owner. We hope to further learn about the pros and cons.

Our interview excerpts are listed below:

1.How do you promote historic building?

Ans:We include historic elements in our advertisements, but also hand out pamphlets with related information to our customers.。

2. How do you apply historic building to your business?

Ans:1. We use decorations similar to historic style (ex: analects and poems.) It creates great dining atmosphere and adds different architectural features.

Ans:2. We hold regular motion or static displays.

3. What difficulties have you faced by using historic building as business front?

Ans:1. We constantly have termite infestations on pillar of the building. We have regular maintenances or replacements, but try to maintain its original appearances.

Ans:2. Government did not provide any revitalizing consultation or maintenance subsidies. We had to pay all the renovation costs, making it harder for our business.