<The Story of Cuei-ping Butterfly Garden>Flashback





       ◎Origins of the Cuei-Ping ecological education:
In 2002, the teachers and students of Cuei-Ping holding the concept of sustainable campus to move away the high-voltage tower of Taiwan Power Company with some volunteers, and set up a butterfly cage at the original location, growing lots of food and nectar source plants of the butterfly larvae. Thus, the Cuei-Ping ecological education started.


The red circle represents the high-voltage tower of Taiwan Power Company which was moved.

       Moxa’s ecological education of butterflies:
Given that the natural ecological environment has been gradually destroyed, the Moxa Foundation aims to call on environmental protection through education from childhood, and arouse the forgotten memory that Taiwan was once known as the Butterfly Kingdom. As a result, since 2003, they have started to promote “The Experimental Program of Ecological Education of Butterflies on Campus”.

      ◎Origins of the Cuei-Ping Butterfly Garden:
 In 2012, the Moxa Foundation spread their program southward to Kaohsiung, and our school—Cuei-Ping Junior High and Elementary School is honored to be selected as the seed school to promote the ecological education of butterflies on campus, turning a brand new page of promoting ecological education of butterflies on campus in Kaohsiung city.

      Construction of the Cuei-Ping Butterfly Garden:
The construction had been started from September 2012. During the construction, the teachers and students cleaned up the garden cooperatively, the team made the plan wholeheartedly, and the volunteers joined in with maintaining fervently. In December 2012, we held the opening ceremony. The Cuei-Ping Butterfly Garden had been in shape in three short months, exposing the wonderful view of butterflies fluttering elegantly between flowers. There were still a variety of kinds of butterflies in the garden now, and the vigorous as well as flourishing scene not only caused passersby to stop and admire but also added a picturesque corner on campus.



        setting up the iron frames

        completion of the iron frames

            teachers and students
weeding together

       growing nectar source
plants and food plants





listing ceremony

listing ceremony

listing ceremony

         opening of Cuei-Ping
Butterfly Garden






Current scenes in the garden


       Reflections from the Whispering of Butterflies team:
Upon seeing the data from the teacher, five of us all amaze at the original look of the garden. Thanks to efforts done by the volunteers for years, there are a variety of kinds of plants in the garden now, including kapok trees, mulberry trees, blood-flower milkweeds and fruit trees, even squirrels can be seen quite often. Besides, it was really hard for the Moxa Foundation to set up the butterfly garden for our school. The teacher said that the thing they were afraid of most during that time was the rain, because as soon as it rained, they had to weed right away. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden now, aren’t we? It took only three months to complete, which makes us admire the teacher, volunteers and school brothers and sisters so much.