Study motivation



We grew up in Changhua and our school was located in 139 County Road. There is beautiful scenery but lots of stray dogs. There was a kid had been bitten by them before, also, the news said 139 County Road often caused accident or damage the whole environment by them. And, that is the problem that we face every day, so, we think that we should understand the growth of them. Then, we start our thematic research.

Due to this environment, we meet stray dogs every day. Under and by chance, our school teacher are dog lovers. One day, our teacher asked us whether to engage in a project making competition of helping stray dogs, and the theme is them, so our students can not only has more of awareness on stray dogs but also can let more people know the stray dogs through the gain we did on the internet. The most important thing is, stray dogs aren’t born to be loving strayed, but be abandoned by their master. We use 139 County Road of stray dog for the topic, besides arranging participation of stray animal Centers of activities records to understand the knowledge of them and combine the class with them, through the opportunity of going outdoors, we know more about the problem of the stray dogs. Moreover, we use winter holidays and spare time to arrange the visit activities, such as visit the center of stray animals, the dogs loving club of National Changhua University of Education and so on. We hope that there is no worse impression on stray dogs to the community, and promote the concept that to adopt them not to abandon them also the concept of birth controlling.

Our teacher planned series special courses about the stray dogs, in addition to encouraging to get close to the ecology, also hopes to make change for abandoned dogs useless harmful impression on everyone! Therefore, the teacher took us to cooperate with the Taiwan Guide Dog Association. Through the accompanied dogs plan promoted by the Taiwan Guide Dog Association to study how stray dogs can become reading accompanied dogs and we can fall in love with reading by the accompany of the dogs in our school.

Our research directions are as follows:

1.     Exploring the Taiwan Guide Dog Association: we not only heard the guide dogs education, but to take advantage of taking closer look at the training of guide dogs. Nevertheless, because of the joy of accompany and the capability of changing, we think whether we can let the stray dogs train to be them.

2.     Community development, life advocate, the best combination of our school: according to the research of our school of reading accompanying dogs and interactive, we can provide more resources to those in needs.

This research is letting our teacher know the features, type, and body language beginning of dogs. Having more awareness can reduce misunderstanding and we can also promote the concept that to adopt them not to abandon them on the meanwhile. We hope we can let everyone to reflect.