Dingpu Station of MRT Blue Line

The project for Dingpu Station of Taipei MRT Blue Line started in November 2008, was completed in 2015, and opened on July 6, 2015. There are four exits to Dingpu Station, where Exit No. 1 is located next to the police station, co-built with New Taipei City Police Department - Tucheng Branch, Dingpu Police Station. Exit No. 2 is located adjacent to Yongfu Temple in the shape inspired by Haishan Mine and symbolizes the entrance of a mine. Exit No. 3 is located in front of Dingpu High-Tech Industrial Park and the main exit. Exit No. 4 is located in front of the regional building and also offers accessibility elevator same as Exit No. 3.

There are many special features hidden in the hall of Dingpu Station. The first one is the famous tong blossom of Tucheng area, which is combined with the technical sensation from nearby high-tech industrial park to become the LED lighting wall of tong blossom. One can even see the "Eye of Hall" of Dingpu Station from the ceiling of hall. It can guide the ground lights to the hall while fully utilizing the natural lighting during the day. The streamline shape of the ceiling is also very unique.