Site map and operation

Site map


Click the "home" button to come back to the home page.

Click the "information" button to see the introduction of the website and to link to all first level subpages.

There are eight first level subpages on this website. You can use the left and right arrow on the website to see these subpages.

On the first level subpages, the "Dingtube" button is a little different from other buttons.

Under each first level subpage, there are several second level subpages.
You can also see the details of these second level subpages by using the left and right arrow on the website.
(Take Family Station as an example)

There is a MRT coach under each subpage.  The blinking coach indicates the page you are now browsing.

Click on different coaches to other subpages.(The coaches here is just for example,they can not work.)

"Atop" blinking means you are browsing "Atop Time Art Pavilion."

"Family Library" blinking means you are browsing "Tucheng Family Library Branch."


It's real below.Try it!