So Beautiful!
My Hometown-Dingpu!

Familiar as it may seem, however, it has never been an easy task to tour our hometown. After deciding our project topic, we named our team "Top No.1" During the competition, we worked very hard and wrote down what we had experienced literally. We hoped that everyone could appreciate the beauty of Dingpu.

At first, we discussed the places that should be introduced and the ways of introducing them. Then, we organized our thoughts through mind mapping. Besides,"Google Classroom" was the platform for us to write down our ideas and communicate. Since we joined this team, we have been discussing how to solve the problems that we met with our teachers in the computer classroom during lunch break every Monday and Thursday. In addition to this, we went to the art classroom to design the pictures of our website every Thursday morning. Furthermore, we visited each place and tasted each delicious food that we would like to introduce every Wednesday afternoon.

This website, which expressed our deep feeling and understanding toward Dingpu, is the fruit of our great endeavors. We hope that you can discover the beauty of our hometown and appreciate it through this website. Now, grab your bag and hop on a Youbike. Let's start the trip and have fun together!