Historical Scenic Sites for Hipsters

Visitors not only come to Dingpu for food and fun but also historic scenic sites, including Yongfu Temple and Daan Waterway, where the Butterfly Walkway is high recommended for couples to hang out. The path from Longquan Road to the back of the mountain leads to Puan Temple and Shanxi Temple with an atmosphere of profound culture. We have designed these sites into a path of hipsters, where visitors can visit for leisure.

More than one hundred years ago, the status of Zushi was relocated to Yongfu Temple but the big temple was not yet built at the time. The temple we see today was built about some 30 years ago and underwent recent renovation. It is the religious center for the residents in Great Dingpu area. Apart from enshrining and worshipping the master lord, Zushi, some people also worship Bodhisattva while the students worship Emperor Wenchang for academic performance and the business people worship Holy Emperor Guan. Daan Waterway used to be the "water of life" for Tucheng residents in the early days, which promoted the cultivation, settlement formation and increase in population. The secluded Butterfly Walkway is nearby and has become the private scenic area of the community residents.

The entrance to Puan Temple is very ancient and often used as the scene for the Chinese martial artist to take refuge in religious life in movies of Chinese martial operas. Shanxi Temple was built in 1985 and is a secluded place of enlightenment with complete architectural structure. The temple enshrines and worships deity Lu Dong Bin and this is a vintage temple located in a considerably gorgeous environment. The gate of Shanxi Temple offers some benches and it is an ideal place for the mountain hikers to take a rest and drink some tea. The Yunxia Pavilion near Shanxi Temple is the best scenic site for watching the sunset.