Gourmet Station-the popular delicacy in Dingpu

There are so many kinds of delicacies you can choose when you come to Dingpu! You can taste a lot of delicious and cheap meals in nice eating shops instead of going to fancy restaurants. 

One of the must-eat dishes in Dingpu is The Industrial Zone Black Vinegar Noodles. You will see huge crowds of people in front of the shop. When you walk into the shop, the savory smell greets you immediately. It is hard to find available seats if you do not reserve a table in advance. You will fall in love with the smooth noodles from the first bite. Besides, the soup and the side dishes are delicious, too. Moreover, the servers are very kind and friendly.

Yang's Pan-Fried Dumpling is catty-corner from the Dingpu Elementary School. The shop has been open for twenty-one years. Age has left its traces on the gray walls and the yellowish menu. Both the pan-fried buns and pot stickers are tasty. The ingredients of the buns are fresh cabbages and smooth glass noodles with black peppers. You can't stop eating! As for Xiang Hao Taiwanese Chicken Leg Bento, there are a great amount of vegetables to choose from. The juicy fried chicken leg is the signature entree of the Bento restaurant. Besides, Hai Gang Goose is famous for its juicy smoked goose, which is the signature dish of the restaurant. You will love it!

Bamboo Garden Restaurant is a beautiful place that you should go. There are many delicious dishes in the restaurant, such as the thin noodles with camellia oil, fried river shrimps, crisp intestines, fried cabbages and nest ferns, and tasty chicken soup.