Family Station for the Parents and Children

There are two tourism factories near Dingpu MRT Station that are suitable for families - ATOP Time Arts Pavilion and Nougat Creativity Musesum. In the early days, ATOP Tim Arts Pavilion specialized in the caliber processing of clocks, designed and produced a variety of calibers for sales all over the world. In consideration of corporate brand image and increasing value in 2012, the factory transformed to tourism factory and established a "time" based time science and art experience factory. Founder madam Ciou Peng, Yu-He of Nougat Creativity Museum incorporated the company history with the Hakka philosophy of perseverance and diligence to establish this finger-licking museum on the idea of "Let every man speak well of the bridge that carries him over."

It is notwithstanding that there are 17 tourism factories in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung, with four of them located near 3 MRT Stations, including Far Eastern Hospital Station, Danshui Station and Dingpu Station. In particular, there are two tourism factories located near Dingpu Station that are both suitable for family tourism. It is the family MRT Station for families from northern Taiwan to visit.

In particular, Tucheng Family Library Branch is specifically designed for children. The library does not lend out toys like the average family libraries unsuitable for family reading. Other family libraries are part of adult libraries and the environment is quite unfriendly for children. Tucheng Family Library Branch is the only library designed for children, where the hardware environment is child-friendly but the books also consist of children's books. The library is the biggest in New Taipei City in terms of floor area.  

Ting Hsin Park is a park is reachable by riding YouBike. Apart from the beautiful environment and fresh air, there are real aircraft and tanks in the park, which will sure amaze the children. Dingpu Station is Danuan Mountain, which leads to Tong Blossom Park along Longquan Road. Visitors can watch the tong blossom and fireflies in May in this private scenic site.