Receive Likes through Promotion

After conducting in-depth interview with MRT Station and the peripheral tourism resources, we could not wait for share our rewards with everyone. For on-campus promotion, we recorded the radio program and introduced the beautiful and diverse Dingpu to the whole school during the airing time of "The Voice of Dingpu." Then we produced a monopoly map using the images of these tourism resources to post them on the playground, so that students can play games with giant dices. Finally we set up the "Dingpu Station-Dingpu Thumbs up" page on Facebook. Parents of students from our school can take and upload a photo at the assigned tourism sites will receive digital honorary points from our school. This will enhance parent-children interaction and turn the native knowledge of the class into lively memories. Besides,the people in Dingpu can understand each other better!

Moreover, we spent a lot of time on hand-drawing a "Dingpu Tour Map" to turn the tourism sites we recommend into lovely map. The maps will be available in MRT Station for all visitors to have a quick access to the food, history of Dingpu and ideal places for families to enjoy in Dingpu.