After participating in this network competition, I realized that it’s not easy to make a webpage. We have encountered all kinds of difficulties. Although the process is a bit hard and tiring, I have learned a lot from working with a group.


Member: YA-QIAN XU

After participating in this network competition, I have learned how to make a web page and how the northern part of the road came to existence. From the beginning to select the theme, to discussing the content and field observation, etc., we work hard. We have to keep searching and sorting out the information and then redesigning the layout for the webpage. I have a great experience.


Member:  ZI-QI HUANG

Our team have learned a lot, such as how to structure a webpage and how to filter a lot of contents.  We have realized that we have to do many complicated tests to set up a webpage.  We also learn how to allocate work in order to achieve the highest efficiency.  Regardless of the outcome, the process of leaning is the most important.



In the beginning, I didn’t have any clue about the whole project.  I am thankful to have team members to work with.  Little by little, we learned how to collect information and work with the information.  After that, we started to feel proud of ourselves and have a sense of achievement.  Finally, we have learned how to present the information in a better way through teamwork.


Member:  JUE-YU LU

Since last October, we began to collect information, looking for web structure, step by step from scratch, which is a very special experience. Some of us girls went on a field trip to make a research.  We walked all the way to Qing Tiangang. Many hikers cheered us on.  I have learned how to collect information and how to make a webpage.  Under the teachers’ instruction, we enrich our website and make it better.  We work as a team.


Member:  YA-YING CAI

In the beginning, I didn’t have any clue. After a lot of trials and errors, we finally decided on the topic.During the process, I have learned a lot about Yulu Historical Trail.What’s more, I improve my ability to communicate and coordinate.I am happy to join this competition.It’s unforgettable.