◎History Background

  Yulu Historicalal Trail is located in Yangming Mountain National Park. This trail is mainly for shipping the fish for sale. The major function of the trail is delivering fish. Yulu Historicalal Trail gradually becomes a shortcut from Jinshan to Taipei. Many other goods in Jinshan area, such as fish, camphor, tea leaves, blue indigo, firewood, tangerines, and other agricultural products were delivered to Taipei through Yulu Historicalal Trail in exchange for necesities of life.

  Jinbaoli Trial refers to the northern part of Historicalal Trail. Many climbers used to mark Chingtienkang as the boundary that separated the Trail as South and North sections. South Section features Juansi Waterfall as the main attractions. North section features DaShiChang and XuYanQiao as the main attractions.

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