◎Trail Introduction

Yulu Historicalal Trail :

  Also known as Jinbaoli Trail, Yulu Historical Trail runs from Jinshan. It then passes QingTiangang, Tiamu Trail, and Jyuansih waterfall Trail and ends in Shihlin, Taipei. The major function of the trail is to deliver fish. Yulu Historical Trail gradually becomes a shortcut from Jinshan to Taipei. Many other goods in Jinshan area, such as fish, camphor, tea leaves, blue indigo, firewood, tangerines, and other agricultural products were delivered to Taipei through Yulu Historical Trail in exchange for necesities of life.



Location :

  Yulu Historical Trail goes along Datun Volcano Group and the surrounding areas, the southernmost of which is about 15 km north of Shilin and Beitou in the capital city of Taipei. It adjoins Jinshan and Wan Li in the east, Sanzhi and Danshuei in the west and Shimen in the north. People who made use of these areas developed many trails, which roughly radiated from Datun Volcano Group. These trails had diverse functions and most of them were left behind during the Qing Dynasty and Japanese colonial period. Evidence of the ancestors’struggle includes XiaoTudigong Temple, BingCuDi, DaShiChang, ShanZhuFengCuDi, and XuYanQiao.