Taekwondo coach Jin-hung Sung

 初次邂逅 比賽經驗 成為教練

In spare time, Mr. Jing-hung Sung practiced martial art and often took part in some boxing competitions. As long as he got a good result in a competition, he would try to improve his martial art skills with the help of some famous instructors. But due to the inadequate information, he only came across some martial art clubs which merely offered such services as massage and the treatment of ache. Despite his extensive search, he just failed to find one which taught martial art. As he was to give up, he saw someone performing taekwondo and iron palm (iron palm: a performance of splitting a wooden board with a palm) in the Wood Night Fair. The performance was so amazing that it attracted a crowd of viewers. Impressed by it, he decided to learn taekwondon.

Initially, Mr. Jing-hung Sung studied martial art to protect himself and his friends, but the movement and energetic form of taekwondo ignited his passion for it. Thanks to the previous practice of martial art, he was quick to master the taekwondo skills -- the basic patterns and kicks. After 18 months, he was promoted to the position of a team leader. In spare time, he helped the coach with the training of other students and the management of the club.

Taekwondo coach Jin-hung Sung
Taekwondo coach Jin-hung Sung
Mr. Jing-hung Sung enjoys guiding his students He shows special concern for the student contestants

Taekwondo coach Jin-hung Sung
Several of the national taekwondo practitioners famous in the taekwondo circle are Mr. Jing-hung Sung’s students.