Step by step, the coach Jin-hung Sung fought his way to the gold medal in taekwondo

求學過程 職業生涯

Mr. Jing-hung Sung was born in a small offshore village of Baisha Island in Penghu, Taiwan. Living in a poor family, he had great athletic talent and often participated in various sport competitions on behalf of his school. Quick to learn, he could give an excellent performance after the teacher showed the model for only once. With strong passion for something fresh, he also tried some literature and art competitions. For me, the most effective way of learning was “observation plus practice” if no guidance was available. While other children were indulging themselves in games, he was watching a calligrapher writing couplets. After the careful observation, he would practice what he had learned at home. This explains the reason why he has such an impressive handwriting.

After graduating from Penghu Aquaculture Vocation School at the age of 18, he went to Taiwan to make a living and studied the Chinese martial art with a master. It was then that he became interested in the traditional Chinese medicine. During the day, he worked in an iron mill; in the afternoon, he taught taekwondo in a club; in the evening, he buried himself in the books about medicine. Eventually, his efforts paid off and he was admitted to the programs of traumatology and acupuncture, becoming the strongest shield against the sport injuries of his students.

According to the news reports in 2002, a technician certificate could be exchanged for the degree of junior college education. With a higher vocational education, he seized the opportunity and got admitted to the Sport Coach Research Institute of Private Chinese Culture University. In the research institute, the combination of theory and practice greatly benefited him.

The students are practicing taekwondo Mr. Jing-hung Sung is guiding the students in a competition

Many of Mr. Jing-hung Sung’s students are in the national taekwondo team.