1.Initiate Date of Research Project: June 30, 2016
2.Research Project Completion Date:February 19, 2017.
3.Name of School:HuatanJunior High School, Changhua County
4.Name of City/County: Huatan Village, Changhua County
5.Instructor: Mr. Xu Guo-shu and Ms. Hong Man-ling
6.How many students are involved in the research project : 6 students 7.They are between 14~15 years old.
8.Project website:http://www.globalschoolnet.org/gsncf/
9.Contact email:book@htjh.chc.edu.tw
10.Topic of Research Project: Jasmine 11. Student Participants:Lin Ting-ying, Huang Leng-jun, Zhu Yu-jia, Lin Yu-cheng,Ke Ting-yu, Tang Chong-han 12. Best Resolution: 1280 X 800