Copyright agreement

Large amounts of data have been agreed and licensed by relevant units for use.

1. National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

Hello, Ms. Hsu,

Thank you for your attention to inheritance technicians and the conductive education of next generation. The attached video provided by this center is only for your reference.

The following contents are provided by the colleague in charge of Intellectual Property Rights in this center: 
It is stipulated in Article 52 of Copyright Law that the works published can be quoted for the use of reporting, commenting, teaching, researching or other legitimate purposes within a reasonable range.
In addition, it is stipulated in Article 56 that the fair use of works shall not infringe the property of works.

The benchmarks of judgment for fair use include non-profit education purpose, proportion of quality used, the effect of usage result on market and value, etc. In case that it is in a reasonable range, the information can be quoted directly and the reference and sources shall be given to respect the right of personality of copyright.

The video data provided by this center are used by Taiwan Crafts Workshop to promote and advertise craft inheritance. It is hereby to agree your children to use the attached data in the report and they are required to indicate that the data are quoted from this center according to Copyright Law

For further help, please contact with this center directly.

Wish you success in art.
Yours Sincerely,
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute


2. Ministry of Education

Letter No.: 201511260028
Office Address: No.5, Zhongshan S. Rd., Taipei City
Organizer: Division of Teacher Training and Art Education
Fax: 02-3343-7784
Undertaker: ChenOO (in consideration of Personal Information Protection Act, the full name of undertaker is not given) 
Tel: 7736-6227
Issuing date: December 1, 2015
Issuing No.: T.J.S.Zi No.10400907085

Reply contents:

Hello, Ms. Hsu,
We have received your letter sent on Nov. 27, 2015 to the minister. Thank you for your letter!
In your letter, you have mentioned that you would like to quote the pictures in the book “R.O.C – Folk Art Heritage Awards” published in 1988 and other relevant introduction, and now our response is listed as below:
1. According to the regulations of Article 52 in Copyright Law, the works published can be quoted for the use of reporting, commenting, teaching, researching or other legitimate purposes within a reasonable range. 
2. Even if the aforementioned situation belongs to the quotation in a reasonable range, you shall indicate that the pictures are quoted from the publications of this Ministry and there is no need to sign the Letter of Authorization. 
Best wishes to students for success in study.
In case of any relevant suggestions or demands, you can consult the contact person of this Ministry.
Division of Teacher Training and Art Education  Ms. Chen: 02-7736-6227
Yours sincerely,
Ministry of Education


3. Letter of Authorization of Mr. Kuo-chang Chi

It is written by Mr. Kuo-chang Chi at 11:16 p.m. on Oct. 21, 2015: 
Hello, Yao-wei,
I’m glad that you have the awareness of respecting intellectual property. You can use the picture of Mr. Tun-hou Wu I took in the past, but you should make sure to write the name of photographer on the webpage photo. Thank you! I wish you can gain the same return on your efforts. Best wishes for you!

Mr. Kuo-chang Chi 10/21


4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You consulted us to gain the news information about the national Folk Art Heritage Awards winner by e-mail on May 8, and now this Ministry states as follows:
English monthly magazine -- “Taiwan Review” in this Ministry ever reported the introduction to Mr. Tun-hou Wu in March, 1995, and the copy of this article is hereby attached for your reference (see Attachment1) and it can also be downloaded from the website (address: If you use the content in this article, please indicate Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN) in the parenthesis at the end of the text. If you reproduce the pictures in the article, please indicate Courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN) in the parenthesis next to the pictures.
“Taiwan Panorama” of this Ministry ever published the photography article (see Attachment2) of Mr. Kuo-chang Chi in August, 2005 and the copyright of this article is owned by Mr. Kuo-chang Chi. If you plan to quote this article, you need to gain the consent and authorization in advance. Contact telephone: 09XX-XXXXXX. 
In addition, Mr. Kuo-chang Chi has told us the telephone. If you intend to have an interview with Mr. Wu and his relatives Mr. Wu OO are willing to accept the interview, you can contact Mr. Wu by telephone: 04-7XXXXXX, 04-7XXXXX. 
The above-mentioned descriptions are only for reference, and we wish that everything goes well.

Yours sincerely,

Division of International Communication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs


5. Bank of Taiwan

Hello, Ms. Hsu:

    In regard to the case that you request us to provide the information about Mr. Tun-hou Wu -- the Liberty Lottery and Folk Art Heritage Awards winner for the purpose of your children’s participation in Cyberfair, after the survey, we have known that Issue 1122 of Liberty Lottery adopts the works of Mr. Tun-hou Wu as the pattern. You can visit Wikipedia website for the query of related Liberty Lottery patterns in this issue and other data (address:, liberty lottery -Wikipedia->Source->National Library- TaiwanMemory, liberty lottery issued from 1950 to 1987->Page 125->Issue 1122). This website provides color liberty lottery pattern and relevant data introduction and it is hoped that it will be helpful to children to participate in the contest.


Bank of Taiwan