Project Contributions





Participants Tasks Percentage

Teacher Chih-hsin Liu
Director Ya-jan Chuang
Teacher His-hung Wu

  1. Draw up the name of Cyberfair project and plan
  2. Have a discussion and convene pre-departure meeting
  3. Help with project research
  4. Help to modify articles
  5. Webpage guidance and review of Cyberfair project
  6. Tutoring of computer skills
  7. Data summary and analysis of Cyberfair project
  8. Give suggestions for the articles written by us
5 team members of Yao-wei Yu, Yin-chi Kuo, Chieh-yu You, Kuan-chun Kuo and Wei-chin Chang as well as 5 parents
  1. Gather together in groups
  2. Collect data
  3. Draw up interview outline
  4. Have an interview and experience the activity
  5. Contact with the interviewees
  6. Take pictures
  7. Record the voice (recording pen)
  8. Integrate and summarize data
  9. Write job schedule
  10. Make the webpage
  11. Compile the webpage contents
  12. Fill in research progress report
  13. Collect data and sort out webpage making
  14. Record interview contents
  15. Edit written data
  16. Proofread words
  17. Scan pictures
  18. Design webpage

Mr. Tun-hou Wu 
Mr. Jung-luan Wu 
Mr. Jung-chang Wu 
Mr. Jung-jen Wu

  1. Accept interview
  2. Provide relevant pictures and data
  3. Teach lantern painting

Teacher Wen-tsun Wang
Teacher Shih-shan Hung 
Teacher Kai-yi Hsiao
Teacher Ju-chuan Liu 
Tsaogang Elementary School

  1. Provide relevant pictures and data
  2. Guide English translation
  3. Help to collect lantern works