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Inheritance of Artistic Skills

  After winning Folk Art Heritage Award, my father has often been hired by county-level and municipal social education centers in Taiwan to teach teachers of senior high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools how to make lanterns to ensure that later generations can inherit intangible cultural heritage.

  When we were young, we used to help my father make lanterns after school. In fact, my father did not expect us to inherit the trade, for he was aware of the bitterness in such trade and wanted us, with satisfactory academic performance, to achieve higher education. At that time, we watched him make lanterns and gave him a hand, and we had to burn the midnight oil during busy time. Therefore, we also understood such bitterness, but we must provide assistance. All of us (I and my four brothers) are able to make lanterns but not as good as my father.

  The tricycle at my home was for my father to transport goods, and he used to ride it to deliver lanterns. Afterwards, it became a vehicle to get some fresh air and drive away his cares. As he gets much older in recent years, the tricycle just functions as decoration. In addition, he barely come downstairs, and we are afraid that he may tumble when taking the stairs. However, when the weather clears up, he will go downstairs and sit at the arcade to enjoy the sunshine and stretch his limbs.

(The pictures are provided by Mr. Wen-tsun Wang.)

  He has scarcely made lanterns outsides in recent years. If he has to go outsides, we will be around. On one hand, we can act as his interpreter. On the other hand, we also provide assistance in his teaching. In fact, we hope that he would not rush about any more. However, he liked travelling and teaching, which can make him relieve boredom and loosen up. Teaching may be his great pleasure.

(The pictures are provided by Mr. Jung-jen Wu.)

(The pictures are provided by Mr. Jung-jen Wu.)

(The pictures are provided by Mr. Jung-jen Wu.)