【Background】  Motivation

In the discussion about the topic for this year’s competition, our teacher explained eight categories and asked our opinions. Many topics were proposed, such as Lin Family Mansion and Garden, Chen Forng-Shean Miniature Art Museum, Lehua Night Market, and The Visually-impaired Pianist: Che-Cheng Hsu.

To decide the final topic, we collected data online, compiled the first draft of mind map, and gave a guided tour to elaborate the topic. Hsuan-Chu Chen introduced Mr. Forng-Shean Chen-the Master in Miniature carvings. Established by Mr. Chen, Chen Forng-Shean Miniature Art Museum displays miniatures and brick carving integrated with the beauty of calligraphy.

Through the thorough introduction and understanding, we knew that Master Chen, upholding perseverance and passion, has strived to promote miniature and brick carving, which makes the public attach importance to this traditional craft once again.

Through this thematic study, we hope to share with more people the mystery of miniature carving and the beauty of brick carving and calligraphy.

Compiled by: Chih-Yu, Shao-Ting
Source of Picture: Cyberfair Photography Team