【Biography】  Foundation

Q: When did you start to like aesthetics?
Mr. Chen: I started to like aesthetics since I was a child. At that time, I had to study and work at the same time because of a poor economic condition. In the third or the fourth grade, I learned calligraphy and wrote the weekly diary with a brush. Since then, I became fond of calligraphy, laying an aesthetic foundation.

Q: What training did you receive in your 3-year study at Arts and Craft Department, Daojiang Senior High School?
Mr. Chen: Arts and Craft Department provided enough basic training, which laid my aesthetic foundation.

   100% focus on calligraphy         Delicate handcraft


  Interviews with Chen Forng-Shean


Compiled by: Chih-Yu, Shao-Ting

Source of Picture: Cyberfair Photography Team