【Exhibition】  Preparation
Route Planning

At the end of the semester, we planned a series of exhibitions and named the topic The Universe in a Grain of Sand- The Miniature & Brick Carving of Chen Forng-Shean.

The exhibition is divided into five parts: Guided Tour Zone, Video Zone, Mr. Chen’s Artwork Area, Students’ Work Area, and Special Features. In Guided Tour Area, we fully presented Mr. Chen’s achievement in brick carving and miniature; in Video Zone, a documentary film featuring Mr. Chen was played; in Mr. Chen’s Artwork Area displayed pictures taken by us in the museum; in Students’ Work Area displayed soap carving work made by students; in Special Features, pictures taken by us in the interview with Mr. Chen were presented.

Exhibition Plan drawn by Chih-Yu

Compiled by: Jui-Hung, Chih-Yu      

Source of Picture: Cyberfair Photography Team