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History of Brick Carving

Q: Among brick carving, wood carving, and stone carving, why did you choose brick carving?
Mr. Chen: In China, brick carving is an ancient art widely used in building decoration. Bricks are the basic material and the craft is derived from pottery and stone carving. Starting from Eastern Zhou and Han, brick carving was formed in North Song Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. Originally, brick carving was mainly used in tombs and later became the craft used in building decoration. Brick carving boomed in Qing Dynasty.

Nowadays, brick carving has declined and has been endangered due to the rapid growth of population, significant changes in residential structures.

In fact, I have created work of brick carving, wood carving, and stone carving. As brick carving has gradually been forgotten, I believe that it is the artist’s responsibility to revive art. Thus, I have spent 30 years or more studying brick carving in the hope of handing it down.

Mr. Chen’s brick carving Mr. Chen instruct techniques of brick carving

Building brick carving wall in communities Building brick carving wall in communities

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