Chou Chun-Lin

We make Father Brendan O’Connell as the research topic this year. From a profile of Father Brendan’s enthusiasm to help others, we saw a reversing of values from misunderstanding to support. The story met with love and witnessed the rich human warmth in this land.


Lu I-Hsuan

I join in this group from this year. But as an outsider, I am not familiar with Father Brendan, just like our students. Therefore, I am a director and a learner as well. When we look back over Father Brendan’s life, we hope that we can also help Father Brendan do many “one thing”.


Yang Chung-Yu

Father Brendan’s restless pursuit for equality and his spirit of perseverance is worthy of emulation. There are still a lot of imperfections in our society, but only if we insist doing the right thing, can we head toward the right way.