The Furture

Interview to Ms. Wu(The Secretary of Hsichou Township Office)

Q1: What is the future development direction of Hsichou Township?

The rural tourism development will be based on rural features and Hsichou will also develop its rural characteristics, which are attractive.

First: If we want to develop tourism, we should identify our hometown. For example: our houses are courtyards. If we invite others to play, some people feel that their houses are very ugly, we must change our mind first, and then we need to clean them and invite guests.

Second: how to introduce the courtyards. For example: the characteristics, history and difference of the buildings. First, we must know the value of the houses, such as: roofs, decorations, materials. In Taiwan, the tourism development often lacks confidence and local characteristics so such tourism cannot last for long time.

Q2: Hsichou Township has regularly held Mud Festival in recent years.
Will the Mud Festival hosted by Township Office highlight developing the local culture?

The black mud is the mother of this land, the more local the more international. The local means finding local features. In the future, we can use black mud to make sculptures. We can invite foreign artists to guide the sculptures. Also let the local children to make the black mud sculptures and create their own characteristics, in order to internationalize the art.

Q3: Recently, many places have started to hold their local arts festivals.
How to increase recognition of Hsichou?

First: we need to spend a lot of time in planning the local features, and develop the local trip. This trip should reflect Hsichou local traditional cultural characteristics.

Second: this needs a lot of money to support; the preparations for the art festival are difficult. For example: how to change the courtyard houses into B&Bs. However, we should not only pay attention to number of visitors. Number of visitors is not the most important. We should let the people understand the value of the activities and should not use added value to attract visitors. This will not last for long.

Experience on Cyberfair project

When I participated in Cyberfair project, I knew this project is not easy. Through this project, I have further understood lots of local culture and background, and we work together to complete a lot of data. During this period, we have also encountered many difficulties, such as narrated key points and how to clearly narrate them to make people understand fully at a glance. We also interview the people and visited everywhere. I have found a different aspect of Hsichou and have learned more about Hsichou. This experience is unforgettable. I would like to thank the guidance of the teacher in this project. Without the guidance, we would not complete this project smoothly. The teacher also spent lots of time and efforts in guiding us how to add information into the web page and modify and improve the articles. I would like to thank my classmates who work together with me in the Cyberfair project. If there is no division of work and discussion, this project would not be completed.

At the beginning of the Cyberfair project, I thought it was a very easy job. Unexpectedly, it is a very hard work. For the Cyberfair project, I had to spend time in typing, taking notes. Through this project, I am more able to manage the time and understand more about the characteristics of Hsichou Township. Now, I have complete and deeper impression about Hsichou Township. In the interview, I learned more about my hometown, and the relationship with the classmates was deepened. As the saying goes: "No pains, no gains". In the world, we cannot get something for nothing. If you want to achieve the best results, we must pay the effort. Even if we have not achieved desired results, we have ever paid efforts.

I found that there are many Hsichou Township features that I had not known. Through this Cyberfair project, I have known features of Hsichou Township. In this project, I was more close to the Hsichou Township this "Big Family", and cultivated the relationship with others. In order to do this Cyberfair, I spent a lot of my rest time in finding the data, typing. When I thought of others were trying their best to achieve good results, I reminded myself of paying the same ef.Yi-yu fort as others. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Good results need efforts. If we want to achieve good results in this Cyberfair project, we must work hard.

4. Shu-fen
This is my first time to do Cyberfair project. Through the interview, I collected data and took notes. All these make me know more about my hometown. In the process, my classmates and I experienced the trips and completed the Cyberfair project. I would like to thank the meticulous guidance of my teachers. Only with the guidance, we can complete this project successfully. Also thank my classmates for their efforts. Although I spent lots of free time in doing Cyberfair project, I learned a lot of different things, such as division of work. Only everyone does their work well, others will be not affected.

5. Yen-chi
I still remember that I was full of expectations and excited before visit to Mud Festival and Chenggong Inn. After the visit was over, I was exhausted! The Cyberfair project is not an easy job. At first, I did not know about the project at all. I did not even know what to do until I started to visit, interview, and collect and collate the information. Now, I start to make the web pages, and from this I have learned the ropes. This work is really difficult, but we still spare no efforts to complete it. The Cyberfair project let me know more about Hsichou, and learn the spirit of teamwork, and division of work. Finally, I would like to thank my teachers and classmates who participate in the project. Only with their help, I can finish the work.

6. Sheng-yu
This is my first time to join the Cyberfair project. Before this, I did not know the project. At the beginning, I could not keep up with others and later I was gradually accustomed to their progress; this Cyberfair project let me know more about the history of Hsichou, importance of crops and Jhuoshuei River for farmers, and division of work.

At the beginning, I feared of the Cyberfair project because we had to do everything, ranging from making web pages to schedule. However, after participation, I have found that it is not difficult. As long as we made careful arrangement, and did everything step by step, we were not overwhelmed and could know what to do in the next. During the interview, I learned lots of knowledge. When making web pages, I did not know how to start it, how to learn and how to build the web pages. Guided by the teacher's careful guidance, we gradually found the methods to add the data into the web pages. At last, we completed the web pages. Upon seeing the completed web pages, I have sense of accomplishment.

This is my first time to participate in the Cyberfair project. I learned a lot of things such as: How to type the code, how to make web pages, how to organize and make the data complete, and how to take notes. Thank the teachers for their instructions and the classmates for efforts. With our efforts, the Cyberfair project has been nearly completed. Although there is a gap, I firmly believe that we will complete it.

9. Wan-yu
It needs a lot of time and efforts to complete the Cyberfair project. I am the first to participate in the Cyberfair project, and this is a new challenge! Because it is my first time to participate in the Cyberfair project, I need to pay more effort. At the beginning, I did not very well. After the guidance by the teacher and cooperation between the classmates, the Cyberfair project structure has become complete. I believe with our efforts we will achieve the desired results!

10. Pei-chen
I was excited when I joined the Cyberfair project. At the beginning, I was very happy because I could go out to play. After collection of the data, when I collated the data, my excitation and curiosity disappeared and I felt very depressed. I met many difficulties during the project. I also spent lots of time on it. On the way, I really wanted to give up but at last I finished it. This Cyberfair project let me learn that success needs efforts and perseverance.