Our hometown-Hsichou Township, Changhua County, is a rustic and hospitable place. As it is a small countryside, outsiders do not know much about it. If you are interested in our hometown, please join the trips, which are elaborately designed by us. We believe that after in-depth travel to lovely and charming Hsichou, you will love this place like us!

About Hsichou

Hsichou Township is located at the southernmost part of Changhua County in Taiwan, which separates Jhuoshuei River in the south and faces Yunlin County. It is situated on the top of the Jhuoshuei River alluvial fan. Hsichou Township covers an area of ​​about 74 square kilometers. It is the third largest township in Changhua County. Within it, there are a total of 19 villages, 11 national primary and secondary schools. It is one of life circles for the students in MingDao University.

It is named Hsichou because it was Jhuoshuei River alluvial riverbed, floating on the land (an alluvion in the river). In the past, Babuza lived along Jiumei Village, Hsichou Township. In the Qing Dynasty, it belonged to Dongluo Xibao. During the Japanese Colonial Period, Taiwan adopted city-town-village system, and it was renamed Hsichou Settlement and under administration of Beidou District, Taichū Prefecture, and the administration office (Zhuangyichang) was located in Hsichou Village (current). Thus, it was officially named Hsichou.

Local products
Shangshui Rice
Pachira glabra Pasq
Black glutinous rice
Cherry tomatoes

Hsichou and water

Cizai aqueduct

Hsichou's people say, "Hsichou cannot be without Cizai aqueduct", and this shows importance of the aqueduct in Hsichou. In fact, in the Qing Dynasty, ancestors reclaimed land here. In 1901, Cizai aqueduct began to cut, and was completed in 1909. It is the first official aqueduct in Taiwan. In 1911, Jhuoshuei River embankment was built. With Cizai aqueduct, the people can divert the Jhuoshuei River to irrigate their farmland. The river water which contains silt and many nutrients can increase fertility of the farmland. After harvest of corps, the Jhuoshuei River water is accumulated in the farmland to turn the dry land into fertile land, and farmers can use the natural nutrients for free. It is a good helper for farmers.

Campaign against water diversion project

護水運動 Cizai aqueduct nourishes the land of Hsichou. However, in 2011, one special pipeline was planned to be built for the fourth-phase water diversion project at the Central Taiwan Science Park on the lower reach, 66,000 tons of water in Jhuoshuei River was diverted every day from the upstream Chi-Chi Weir to the Park. As the local residents found the pipeline was laid in Dazhuang village which is Hsichou water source, the farmers protested the project. It was difficult for farmers to protest the project. Especially during the busy season, despite of labor shortage, they had to go north for protest. The farmers said: They are "very busy" but still have to join the "organization to protest science park water diversion plan" to contribute to agricultural development in Hsichou Township. This "campaign against water diversion plan" aroused the people's attention to "allocation of water resources", but also strengthened the Hsichou villagers’ affection towards this township and their cohesion.

Hsichou vitality - pure water, black mud, fertile land

Our hometown -Hsichou, is a small country, and the opportunity to find it is small. We do not have attractive high-rise buildings, shopping malls or amusement parks, but we have fresh air and pure water, and fertile land which is nourished by the Jhuoshuei River water. Living in Hsichou is just like living in the paradise because there is no serious environmental pollution, and the people are optimistic and contented. They can run barefoot in the fields. City people who are living under great pressure can travel to Hsichou for relaxation! If out-of-town friends travel to Hsichou, we will tell them Hsichou is a suitable place to get close to the nature and absorb positive energy.

Proper noun lists
Hsichou 溪州
Changhua County 彰化縣
Jhuoshuei River 濁水溪
Yunlin County   雲林縣
MingDao University 明道大學
Babuza 巴布薩(平埔族)
Jiumei Village 舊眉村
Qing Dynasty 清朝
Dongluo Xibao 東螺西堡
Taichū Prefecture 台中州
Beidou District 北斗郡
Zhuangyichang  莊役場(Name of administration office)
Cizai aqueduct 莿仔埤圳
Central Taiwan Science Park 中部科學園區
Chi-Chi Weir 集集攔河堰
Dazhuang village 大莊村
organization to protest science park water diversion plan 反中科搶水自救組織
campaign against water diversion plan 護水運動
Xiluo 西螺
SOLAR 日統 (A bus company)
Kuo-Kuang 國光 (A bus company)
United Highway 統聯( A bus company)
Yuan Lin 員林
Louyoung Culture & Education Foundation 螺陽文教基金會
Japanese Colonial Period 日本時代
Jiefaganji Tea Shop 捷發乾記茶莊
Xiamen 廈門
Fuzhou 福州
Wangraoyang tea house 王堯陽茶行
Yanping Old Street Culture Center 西螺延平老街文化館
Laogu stones 咾咕石
Penghu 澎湖
Xiluo Bridge 西螺大橋
Native Tree Garden 純園
Zhengliao 圳寮
Chenggong Inn 成功旅社
Shangshui Rice 尚水米
Happy Pear 黑皮梨
Yangzhen Hospital 養真醫院
Dalin Inn 大林旅社
Taisugar 台糖公司
Hsichou Shangshui Co. 溪州尚水公司
Mud Festival 黑泥季
Paddy Field Harvest Party 水田濕地豐收趴
Santiao Village 三條村
Xicuo Village 溪厝村