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      Snorkeling allows you to see a wide range of creatures and to experience the exciting weightlessness. Besides, the fitness effect of snorkeling in the sea is three times that on the land. Also, snorkeling enhance can enhance heart and lung functions, muscular endurance, explosive force, coordination and body immunity, build muscle tone, promote metabolism, and burn body fat.
(Image Source: Shot by Diver Adventure Team)
       Our team aims to unveil the myth of rich marine resources via "snorkeling". The main contents of this research are to explore promotion of the tourism and ecological culture in Longdong Bay. The project focuses on the sharing of the snorkeling experience in Longdong Bay. This Cyberfair project intends to make the people know the locations of snorkeling in Taiwan. In this way, they can know the beauty of Taiwan, but also save time and money for going abroad. We visited the local sites and selected Longdong Bay Ocean Park where the coach provides instruction for snorkeling, and also visited the Bitou Cape Trail, Longdong Bay Cape Trail and Old Caoling Tunnel. By collecting the information and applying for guide interpretation through Internet, we further understand attractions, topography, ecology and culture of Longdong Bay, instead of the "Keelung Mountain of the Winter”, which we only know from textbooks. This Cyberfair project can promote the local tourism resources in Longdonwan, and we collated the queried and actual data from the experience and integrated them into the thematic web page.We hoped to let everyone know that Longdong Bay is a place worth visiting, and that this Cyberfair project can make the unique local tourism resources of Longdong Bay sustainable.