Personnel ItemPercentage
Yen-sheng Kuo, Hsuan-chi Hsu,
Yu-wen Cheng,
Yu-chi Cheng,
You-jie Chen ,
Tzu-yao Hung,
Po-yu Hsieh,
Chan-hua Hsu, Zhao-kai Tsai
1. Conduct interviews
2. Photography and video
3. Brainstorm interview questions and interview       content
4. Amend written information
5. Draft interview questions
6. Write progress reports, reflections
7. Collect related information
8. Design website structure
70 %
Supervising teachers:
Yung-huw Hsueh,
Hung -chieh Tseng, Meng-san Lu
1. Contact, communicate, and arrange interview     times .
2. Project research data organization and          analysis
3. Draft project outline
4. Project website direction and inspection
5. Computer skills guidance
6. Provide information
7. Call group meetings
8. Supervise students to follow progress schedule
20 %
Interviewees 1. Provide information
2. Assistance with data collection and      organization
3. Instruct younger students on protocol 
10 %
(Image source:Shot by Diver Adventure Team)