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Local Attactions(Natural and Man-Made)
Description of Our Community
          Taipei Municipal Changan Elementary School is located in Zhongshan District and South of the downtown Taipei City. The school is close to the business district and has convenient transportation close by. There are Songjiang-Nanjing MRT Station and Jilin-Nanjing bus Station.
      Located on the North Eastern coast of Taiwan, Longdong Bay is a natural attraction known for rich marine resources and natural attractions. Longdong Bay is like a dragon occupying the arc-shaped bay shore.

 (Image Source: Website of Longdong Bay Ocean Park) 
      It is under administration of Gongliao District, New Taipei City, facing the East Sea, which is managed by Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area. It is only about 40 minutes drive from Taipei City, which is very convenient and accessible for the students in the city. This research does not cost a huge amount of money and the location is not too far.
Summary of Our Project
      The main contents of this research are to explore promotion of the tourism and ecological culture in Longdong Bay. The project focuses on the sharing of the snorkeling experience in Longdong Bay. Snorkeling has become an increasingly popular leisure activity in recent years, and many people in Taiwan go abroad for snorkeling during their holidays. This Cyberfair project intends to make the people know the locations of snorkeling in Taiwan. In this way, they can know the beauty of Taiwan, but also save time and money for going abroad. We visited the local sites and selected Longdong Bay Ocean Park where the coach provides instruction for snorkeling, and also visited the Bitou Cape Trail, Longdong Bay Cape Trail and Old Caoling Tunnel. By collecting the information and applying for guide interpretation through Internet, we further understand attractions, topography, ecology and culture of Longdong Bay, instead of the "Keelung Mountain of the Winter”, which we only know from textbooks. This Cyberfair project can promote the local tourism resources in Longdonwan, and we collated the queried and actual data from the experience and integrated them into the thematic web page.We hoped to let everyone know that Longdong Bay is a place worth visiting, and that this Cyberfair project can make the unique local tourism resources of Longdong Bay sustainable.
Our Computer and Internet Access
     Our teacher built the Changan 27CWSC web platform for us to upload and update data as well as handing in assignments. When we had no time to meet together, we also used the website discussion forum to discuss. Our teachers also let us use the computers in the classroom of gifted students during lunch and recess to complete our study progress.
Problems We Had To Overcome
Data compilation
       In order to obtain first-hand information, it is necessary to keep a word-for-word record after every tour or interview, and the quality of the recorded audio files varies depending on the recording environment. With the limited equipment and technology, we kept word-for-word records and collated them into the data required for the website. In this process, we also enhanced our abilities of integration. In addition, it took lots of time in collection and analysis of the questionnaires.Over time, practice makes perfect, we improved the efficiency.

Time and Efficiency
         In early September, we determined the subject. However, due to the weather, we had to complete the snorkeling activities before October. Thus, we had to start a series of activities upon the start of the school. There were a lot of preparations for snorkeling. In addition to obtaining the consent of the parents and the school, we needed to acquire the knowledge and receive the training, and it took time to arrange the date, place, people and things. The whole process was quite intense. While preparing snorkeling for the activity snorkeling, we also had to complete the interview, the survey and other work. In October and November, we spent a lot of time in the data collation. Due to mid-term exam and important school celebration, it is important to reasonably distribute the time. If the assigned work cannot be completed on schedule, more work will be accumulated. After the visit to the northeastern coast in December, we obtained a lot of information. This research included planning activities, record of the interviews, data collection for the web page, and statistics and analysis of the questionnaires. Thus, we were at our busiest in January. We had to speed up the progress.Laziness coulcl hold back out progress, so we had to be diligent and take the work seriously.

     In the beginning, the work was assigned according to our abilities and specialties, and the teachers helped us to adjust and modify the assignment. Division of work and cooperation can make a difficult thing more efficient. If a classmate finished his/her work first, he/she would help others. Because we had a common goal to complete this Cyberfair project, in this process, we learned to take advantage of each other's strengths to help others. In addition, we also learned how to listen to and respect different views, which can ensure smooth completion of the work.
Our Project Sound Bite
       We have done a lot of interesting things, of course, lots of hard work, too. Looking back when we started this project, our primary mission was "snorkeling in the swimming pool". This mission made us learn a lot of snorkeling skills, so that we could be more efficiently while we went ‘’real’’ snorkeling. And then, we began to design questionnaires and interview topics. Was a tough job for us, because each question had to be designed to its purpose and appropriateness. After finishing the interview outline and questionnaires, came the next step which we were looking forward to the most, snorkeling. We use the different viewpoint to experience thing s we’ve never experienced before. It was an unforgettable experience! Our originally plan was to go snorkeling for two time, but due to typhoon coming , we just went snorkeling once. What a pity! After snorkeling, we started writing manuscripts. We had listened to the vague recording with 120% of our attention over and over again to complete the manuscripts. In the course of this project, we learned lots of things which we didn’t know before and also changed our original ideas and impressions. First of all, snorkeling is not as difficult as we initially imagined. Second, we got to know the diving point of the NorthEast corner of Taiwan. Thanks to this awesome opportunity, we went snorkeling at Longdong Bay, but also visited the nearby attractions. Through these experiences, we finally found that the NorthEast corner of Taiwan is really beautiful and a suitable choice for family travel.
Searching information on computer Snorkeling workshop
Our computer peripheral equipment for the Cyberfair projectOur computer peripheral equipment for the Cyberfair project

(Source: Shot by Diver Adventure Team)