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Yi-shiuan You

Not too long ago, I went to Guang Yuan Elementary School, Taitung County to participate in the activity of “DIHCA intercourse between city and countryside” and learned lots of knowledge about tribal culture as well as the local customs. I feel this activity is very interesting. Afterwards, I know more about the activity of Cyberfair and also participate in Cyberfair! I hope that we can be happy and everything goes well in the subsequent activity……

Ching-hsuan Ni

My mother says that I can participate in an activity held by a good association -- DIHCA. I enter the webpage to read many students’ afterthoughts and sharing. In this way, my fate with this association begins!Through participation in association activity, I make the acquaintance of many learning partners in Guang Yuan Elementary School, and I also understand many Bunun cultures and realize that people have so different life experience even if they live in the same land. It is hoped that this activity can attract more people to feel this diversified Formosa.

Hsiu-chi Chang


It is a fate that we go to Taitung! At the beginning, I know nothing about this association. Later, I chat with my family members and at that time I begin to know that it is DIHCA! Firstly, I don’t want to participate in it, but I finally decide to participate in the activity held by DIHCA due to my family members’ constant encouragement and “strong recommendation”. I really feel that it is a rewarding trip after participation and I also make many friends!

Keng-yu Chang

In the initial period, thanks to my participation in the activity held by DIHCA, Teacher Tsui-cheng Tsao invites me to participate in this activity. Later, I feel it interesting, so I continue to participate in this activity.

Tzu-yu Chen

At first, I know nothing about this association. I’m coming to participate in this activity due to my father’s ridicule. I originally thought that it must be an advertising used for marketing, but I am wrong. In fact, it is an association where the members have their unique ideas and they work seriously. Yes, it’s called DIHCA and it enables us to understand the cultures of indigenous people in Taiwan in a manner of intercourse between city and countryside.

Tzu-hsiang Wei

Last winter, I participated in students’ exchange camp held by DIHCA between Yuanlin Elementary School and Guang Yuan Elementary School, Taitung. We have experienced indigenous people’s life and culture for 6 days and 5 nights in the local place. After returning to the city, we continue to make exchange and interaction with the learning partners in Guang Yuan Elementary School by using the network platform of association. Afterwards, in return the tribal learning partners come to our home to live for 4 days and 3 nights. The participation in the association activity makes me become curious about the association, so we take the association as the research theme of this Cyberfair.



InterviewChueh-Fen Chang of Department of Education, Changhua County Government

  • Excuse me, Deputy Director Chueh-Fen Chang, how do you get to know DIHCA? In your opinion, what does the association usually do?

        I made acquaintance with Chih-shan Lu last year and I’m also curious. The activity begins with the gifted and talented program in Taipei First Girls High School and then it is expanded to gifted and talented program in Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School. Chih-shan Lu thinks that students just learn knowledge from textbooks and they know nothing about the real life. Later, the activity is promoted continuously.

  • Why do you want to acquaint the schools in Changhua with this association?

        I identify with the ideas of Chih-shan Lu.

  • How to encourage the schools in the county to participate in the learning activity held by DIHCA?

        When we hold the explanation session, the rural schools are eager to participate in the activity while urban schools don’t much want to participate because they have higher administrative pressure.

  • What kind of enlightenment or enhancement do you think the association will bring for students and parents in the county?

        It gives us different learning to experience and have a deep understanding of different cultures.Children who have experienced the tribal culture through 5 or 6 days of winter camp and the exchange on the platform can enhance their horizon. Most of them are engaged in agriculture, and they seldom leave their tribes. Parents who go to the tribes together with their children can buy lots of goods there and spread them to the outside world to help their economy.


InterviewPrincipal Yuan-Hang Li

  • How do you know this association?

Chih-shan Lu has the special emotion for Changhua and the idea of this association also gains the support of Deputy Director Mr. Chueh-Fen Chang. Therefore, the County Government holds a symposium about this association and for this reason I get to know DIHCA, thus Yuanlin Elementary School can participate in the association activity together.

The intercourse between city and countryside in Yuanlin City-Guang Yuan is a learning experience lasting for 6 days and 5 nights. By exchanging and learning the local life, students can understand the local environment and participate in community activity, they can “see” and “be seen” each other’s differences and learn to accept and respect each other! The short-term activity can only make students have a general view of the local life. I expect you can observe the details with “insight” and experience the rural-urban difference with heart!

Perhaps, this activity has little effect on your current life and it will be helpful someday in the future after you have digested what you have learned and transformed them into your own experience.



Push hands

InterviewTeacher Tsui-cheng Tsao

  • Why do you teach us?

       Due to the arrangement of principal and Ping-ying Wei, I contact and know the association and I am moved by its idea, so I want to turn my idea into action. It is hoped that all the children can influence and know each other, so as to further feel each other’s family and life, experience the different habits due to different regional environments and learn from each other.

With the intercourse between city and countryside as a starting point, we reflect the experience of those days, apply them to Cyberfair activity and promote the spirit of association, so that more people can identify with the idea of this association.

We take the idea of DIHCA to experience the activity and learn our attitude and politeness.


InterviewShu-min Yang(mother of Tzu-yu)

  • Have you seen our changes?

       At that time, I acted as a resident parent to accompany students and I was responsible for students’ daily life.
Secondly, as stated by principal, perhaps, this activity has little effect on your current life and it will be helpful someday in the future after you have digested what you have learned and transformed them into your own experience.   It is hoped that you can experience different life habits and environments.