The theme for curriculum planning of the computer class in our school is film editing. One day when she is passing by the DAC, Taipei, the advisory teacher had found that the theme of current exhibition is “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”. Among the four exhibiting works, all were digital arts of images. Briefly described as the followings:

1. “[…] craving for narrative” was composed of existing images. The work mainly retrieved a short extract of 23 seconds from the film “Grease”, and run it repeatedly. The ending theme song “You're The One That I Want” was simplified as the tune of the first section. The short extract of “Grease” was run continuously and repeatedly in the film, which exhibited two time characteristics, i.e., linear and circulatory, which is the theme of the work.

2. “Online Funeral: Necromancy” used composite media materials and films. The artist used template formwork as the element to generate the mass production phenomenon of the society. This convenient but lazy behavior was then transplanted to the funeral of the people, which resulted in the space installation and video of the work. The artist acted as a psychic sitting on the online digital template framework and served as a tour guide for the getting lost spirits, leading them to wonder in the universe and talk about the meanings of life, body, and existence.

3. Y-3: Its media materials are consisted of image, composite media material, musical work and performance. The artist, who is a Chinese immigrant living in Korea, is the starring actor in the film. It narrated the inner struggle of man and woman tangling with the complicated relationship of the office romance. The film also mingled with the difference between the eastern culture (piggy bank) and the western counterpart (Coco Cola).

4. “First Impression”: Its media material is single channel video. This one-hour film was produced by collecting a series of GIF files from the network in four years. The title was adopted from the novel of Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice” and the subtitle was edited based on the latest movie edition of the novel. Even if the characters in the film were changing due to the difference of GIF format, the audiences can still keep up with the progress. Although the pictorial images and the narratives were completely lack of continuity and relationship, there was an absolutely perfect sense of harmony coming out from the unique appraisal capability of the artist.

Owing to a variety of digital works were produced through film editing, which can be integrated with our school curriculum, we further contacted with tour guides of DAC to arrange related visits. In the meantime, we have applied to the school authority for permission to conduct the field trip teaching, and the related administrative personnel of the school agreed to our request. On May 20, 2016, the advisory teacher of the project brought us to visit and get acquaintance with DAC, Taipei. The team members were given pre-event education on May 13, 2016, including pre-event introduction, items to be paid attentions, Bring EasyCard, location for gathering, people to contact of the subgroup, etc., and also asked students to inform parents in case of late return. Finally, the mission was perfectly completed. The integration of DAC, Taipei into our school curriculum has laid the foundation for the collaboration on the subsequent webpage making.

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