Program Small Podcast

On June 18, 2016, we paid a visit to Fablab Dynamic. During the Q&A section, we asked what software is used for the 3D printer. The tutor told us that their computers were loaded with Sketch Up and IronCad two sets of software. On June 20, when back to school, we discussed two aspects. One was how to use the 3D printer at the Fablab Dynamic, and the other was how to learn the two sets of software, i.e., Sketch Up and IronDad, used by the 3D printer. The other aspect was about the software required for making the webpage. Therefore, we listed all sets of software that need to be learned for this project, including HTML, Sketch Up, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PhotoCap, SAI, nEO iMAGING, Google drive and KODU, which let everyone have his own responsible software to share and teach with others. First, our advisory teacher taught us Notepad++ software to learn the html language and then we exchanged to Sketch Up and other software. June 20, we had arranged a series of teaching and learning activities for the software. During the preparation period, each of us prepared his own presentation file through reading books, searching the network, and participating in the learning camp, to teach others his mastered software. We also put the activities on youtube to share with others all over the world. However, none of us was capable of IronCAD software. How to learn it? The advisory teacher asked if anyone knows someone who can help to teach this particular set of software.