On June 18, 2016, we had arranged to visit DAC, Taipei. That was a water-pouring rainy day and we were hesitated whether to go or not. Fortunately, we all had the supports of our parents. Finally, some came by cars and some by motorcycles driven by their parents; some took MRT and some by walking. Every team member had appeared to visit DAC on that day. After having listened to the presentation of Mr. Po-San Wu, the tour guide, we understand the history of DAC, Taipei, layouts of its space, seven key business items (including DA exhibitions and performances, Taipei Digital Art Festival, Research and Experiment, International Exchange, Professional Incubation, Educational Promotion and Matchmaking Platform). For more details, please refer to the following presentation files. After the tour, we stopped at the Noisy Coffee Shop to discuss the activities that we could continue to participate in, which were the lecture for educational promotion, workshop and Fab Lab. We asked Mr. Wu if he can make the arrangement for us. However, the people in charge for these activities were different. Therefore, he recommended Miss Ya-Ling Chu, who is in charge of the workshop, for us to get acquaintance. He also asked Miss Kung-Ting Wang, who is in charge of the Fab Lab, to introduce her facility to us. Because the workshop has involved in some aspects, such as theme of the course, course lecturer, budget, etc., Miss Chu promised to make subsequent arrangement for us. After having listened to the introduction on her Fab Lab, we understood that it has provides many equipment for the community public to use, e.g., 3D printer, Laser cutter, Laser character cutter, and CNC engraving machine. The opening hours of the Fab Lab are Thursday and Saturday, 13:00-21:00, every week. Although she welcomed us to learn as little Makers, the Fab Lab does not have a reservation system. It adopts a first-come, first-serve system, and no appointment can be arranged beforehand. Therefore, we can only depend on our good luck in order to use the 3D printers.
The following briefly describes the origin of the DAC, Taipei and the exhibition item, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, which we visited this time.

The DAC,Taipei is run by Digital Art Foundation started in 2009. It is the first institution in Taiwan based on the use of digital technologies as the theme. The DAC is based on Research, Experiment, Creation, Incubation and Exchangeas the aims to promote digital arts. It also integrates academics, industries, gallery management, and artists of elated all fields to co-operate, so as to provide the digital artists an open platform to exchange resources and technologies. In addition, in November of every year the DAC, Taipei holds “Taipei International Digital Art Festival”. This once-a-year event widely invites international art works and digital arts both in Taiwan and abroad alike to exhibit and perform. It is hoped that, through this event, it will let Taipei City possess the inner spirit of digital arts, and it also provides digital arts of different countries the opportunity to exchange.

The DAC, Taipei holds a variety of thematic DA exhibitions regularly at its first floor exhibition and performance area. The one we visited was called “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”. It was composed of seven creative works of digital artists coming from different countries, including Sweden, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The works in exhibition included “In the face of empty mirrors” of Niwa Yang Taro, Japan, “Y-3” of YEN TECH, USA, “Online Funeral: Necromancy” of Zi-Hung Lin, Taiwan, “#vaper-room” of SUPER ADD, Taiwan, “First Impression” of Hyangro Yoon, Korea, “[…] craving for narrative of Max Grau, Germany, and “Multiple Style Tribe” of Josephine Bergqvist, Sweden. All works were very inspirational. After having listened to the explanation of our tour guide, we were able to get a deeper insight into the artists’ creative ideas.

(These presentation materials are provided and authorized by DAC, Taipei to be used in our International Schools CyberFair Project)