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MIT Logo

The Origin of the Logo

The economy type of Taiwan is export-oriented. Foreign trade is very important in economic development of Taiwan, so the foreign trade and economic policy of the government focused on participating in global economic integration activities to connect the world.

In view of this, in order to provide industrial adjustment and support measures in response to trade liberalization, Executive Yuan set up a" Trade Liberalization Industry Adjustment Support Program "to promote trade liberalization to assist some industries in response to the possible impact of trade liberalization.

In this program, to help the domestic traditional industries to enhance product quality, and shape "safe, healthy and trusted" image of Taiwan products, Industrial Development Bureau promoted Taiwan MIT smile product certification system since 2011, and helped MIT smile products to carry out export market expansion and enhance industrial competitiveness.

The Introduction to MIT Logo

Pictures showed above are two version of MIT Logo.  From the left to the right, one is Chinese verion, and the other is English version.

1. The Silver-Blue Taiwan

The appearance of Taiwan island stands for "Made in Taiwan", and silver-blue color represents pure, safe and healthy, trustworthy quality of Taiwan-made products.

2. The Pink Smiley Face

The Pink Smiley Face composed of three letters "MIT".  "Smile" stands for the safety and health customers gained after they purchased the MIT goods.  "Red" color is representative Taiwan  sincere spirit of reality, and also represents Taiwanese enthusiasm and vigor.

3. Chinese And English version

Different version is used for different export markets.

4. Registered Announcement

This certificate label has been made a public announcement by Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs in May of 2011.

Application Process

Standard for Verification

Usage of MIT Logo

Diamond Logo

The identification information for customers is on the front side, so that they can immediately check all the relevant information.

Content includes:

1. Taiwan products MIT smiley logo
2. A totem of industrial type
3. MIT smiley log slogan "Smiley MIT, Trustworthy"
4. The organization of verification
5. MIT official website
6. MIT certificated serial number of the product

Specifications: 6cm * 6cm and 12cm * 12cm


Stickers are required for smaller commodity packages.

Content includes:

1. Taiwan products MIT smile logo Logo
2. MIT certificated serial number of the product
3. MIT official website

Specifications: 2cm * 3cm and 3cm * 4.2cm

Reference Source:

1. MIT Logo Official Website

Team Profile

Name:Wei, Chia-Yi


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Chou, Yi-Chun

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Cheng, Yu-Chieh


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Hsiao, Hsin-Yu

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Hsieh, Ju-Ying

Class:10th grade Class 3

Supervising Teachers

Yang, Tsung-Chieh

Tsou, Mei-Ling

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