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Always top quality, we insist.

Compared with other clothes, socks may not be so much important to common people, but they are necessary in our daily life. As the saying goes, thousands of miles begins with a single step. A pair of good socks can not only protect our feet, but also keep feet warm and provide specially healthy functions. Tianjhong(Tianzhong) township, the kingdom of socks in Taiwan, is famous for its socks, and most of socks in Tianjhong are made by Shenghong hosiery company(which is called Soxlink later). In the beginning of 1960s, scarves with patterns of national flags, made by Shenghong hosiery company, is well-known to everyone.

Besides, to show the fine art of producing socks to tourists and sell its vary creative products, Soxlink tourism factory, located at the at the junction of Tianjhong and Shetou township in Changhua county, was established in 2011. In order to explore the mysterious art of the king of socks, our team paid a visit there and luckily interviewed the chairman. By the visit, we learned that how difficult a pair of socks was produced, and realized that without wisdom and efforts of ancestors, we definitely can not enjoy the precious consequence!

I also learned if a company wants to survive in the intense competition of the bussiness market, something different should be done, just like  the motto of the Soxlink official website --Always top quality, we insist.   The king of socks, Soxlink tourism factory, has made it!

About Changhua

Changhua County, in central Taiwan, is an abundant agricultural county which is famous for various delicious foods and many ancient monuments. Many tourists are attracted by its beautiful scenery, and always come here on holidays. 

About Our Hometown

Tianjhong(Tianzhong) is also close Shetou township in the north, Mingjian township of Nantou county in the east, Sijhou and Ershuei township in the south, and Tianwei township and Beidou township in west. 

Reference Source:

1. Soxlink Official Website

Team Profile

Name:Wei, Chia-Yi


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Chou, Yi-Chun

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Cheng, Yu-Chieh


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Hsiao, Hsin-Yu

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Hsieh, Ju-Ying

Class:10th grade Class 3

Supervising Teachers

Yang, Tsung-Chieh

Tsou, Mei-Ling

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