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Although different materials and machines are used to produce different kinds of socks, their manufacturing processes are similar. The steps of process can be broadly defined. First, after the designing and proofing, the proportion of raw materials for producing was decided. Second, use the weaving machine to weave materials into the semi-finished socks (also known as socks). Third, stitch the heel and toe parts (stockings need to go through the socks steps ). Fourth, dye colors. Fifth, form sock stereotypes with high temperature. Finally, finish packaging. The steps of process are as follows:

Step 1: Graphic and Knit Program Design

The first step is to design the patterns of socks, colors and other external style. Today, most graphics are designed by the computer. Knitted samples are often referred to as "proof". After sampling, the sample designs, colors and other parts of dissatisfaction, will be modified as the final product styles.

Step 2: Purchasing materials

The colors and materials of socks are mostly depends on the yarn, so before entering the weaving process, an important task is to purchase yarns of different materials and colors according to the design patterns, order requirements, and the cost of raw materials determining the composition and ratio of socks.

The yarn purchased should be in accordance with the design patterns and then be processed through special procedures, such as twisted yarn, dyeing, bleaching and other procedures. Now, the raw materials are ready for knitting.

Step 3: knitting

The selected raw materials, according to the product specification and size of computer design and the yarn distributing table, are put on the weaving machine. Then, the threads are woven into a long cylinder or a straight cylinder shaped socks. The cylindrical sock bodies are called the tubular socks. Since they are the semi-finished products of socks, also known as the "embryo socks".

Step 4: Seam Closing

After the embryo socks are woven, they will enter the suture procedures. The open side of socks and the bottom of socks should be respectively processing sewing and sealed. Socks sewing is known as the "lun Tao (Taiwanese)" , which means “Seam". Besides, before sewing, there is a small procedure called "turning socks" . The means we should turn the socks inside out, and turn them back when finishing sewing.

Step 5: Socks Boarding

After sewing, the socks must be processed to fix the shapes in order to sell to consumers. The procedure of stereotyping is to put finished socks one by one on templates made of iron to fixed the shapes and sizes, and then bake them in the oven, just like ironing. Steam heat is used to shape socks. After stereotyping, and socks can be removed from the iron template.

Step 6: Packaging

After a series of socks process, socks will be tested for the quality to check if the sewing process is okay. Some socks not qualified will be drop out, and others will be paired manually. Then, after nailing tags of brands and packing into a dozen a box, the final products will be shipped to stores for customers to choose.

Types of Hosiery Production

Production of socks mainly depends on the outsourcing system, about 90% of the manufacturers produce socks through the outsourcing system of the division of labor. The hosiery production units are known as the following three types:


Manufacturers have directly sell sock products, such as manufacturers with the marketing department or with wholesalers, and accept orders from other manufacturers or traders. In other words, it generally referred to as "sock factory".


It refers to the manufacturer contracting to the contractor factories engages in the production of socks. It can be mainly divided into the sock contractors, sewing factories, stereotyping factories, dyeing factories, packaging foundries.

In-house sub-contractor

It refers to the smaller foundry manufacturers. The materials are issued to the family to carry out stitching and packaging.

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