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DIY Workshop

After long visit at Soxlink, all of us cannot wait to try to weave socks and make sock dolls by ourselves.  In addition to the experience of operating the sock weaving machine, Soxlink tourism factory also set up a special DIY workshop area for consumers to experience making their own sock dolls.  Now, we want to give us a try! Let's go!

First of all, of course, is to go to the store counter to buy coupons for experiencing. By the way, the fee of materials is 80 NT dollars, and customers can take the sock dolls home after completion.

Before the experiencing, we took a picture in memory of making sock dolls in front of the entrance of the DIY workshop.

Hung on the wall were numerous sock dolls with colorful pattens and different styles left for example by previous customers. The wall space was almost filled with sock dolls!

Before the beginning, to follow the instructions of the trainer is very important!  I  was very afraid of making  a mistake then.

Our team members were concerntrating on making sock dolls! 

First, check what we got!  The materials contained half pair of socks, a pile of cotton, and several pieces of colored cloth.

In order to avoid making mistakes, we took some sample dolls to imitate.

Let me check the outward appearance carefully.

You must stuff the shaping sock with appropriate cotton first, then you could begin to cut off the cloth for pasting according to the appearance of the doll. I noticed that our teacher did faster than us!

The opening of socks should be sealed with glue, so the cotton filled inside would not expose.

I had to make faster, for our team members almost finished their dolls!

The Masterpieces of Our Team--Sock Dolls of Totoro

Totoro is a cat-like mysterious creature of a famous animation.

Reference Source:

1. Soxlink Official Website

Team Profile

Name:Wei, Chia-Yi


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Chou, Yi-Chun

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Cheng, Yu-Chieh


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Hsiao, Hsin-Yu

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Hsieh, Ju-Ying

Class:10th grade Class 3

Supervising Teachers

Yang, Tsung-Chieh

Tsou, Mei-Ling

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