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Corporate Historical

The Year of Our Beginnings--60 Years in Sock Weaving(1951)

The chairman of the board at the King of Socks-Soxlink Co., LTD, Mr. Ming-Tsun Hsiao, went into the textile industry at the age of 13, upon his graduation from junior high school. Since then, he has become deeply bonded to sock-making, and has dedicated his entire life to his career and passion producing pairs of healthy and comfortable socks for everyone to wear.

The Year of Entereneurship--Humble Origins with 6 Knitting Machines(1979)

When the owner of the textile factory Mr. Hsiao worked at went into retirement, he asked Mr. Hsiao if he had any entrepreneurial plans, and generously lent Mr. Hsiao six double-needle knitting machines for him to set up shop. Chairman Hsiao's professional experiences and determination enabled him to use these six old machines to gradually, step by step, bulid up a sock empire of his own. To this day, two of these six historically meaningful machines are still in operation inside Mr. Hsiao's factories.

The Year of Anxiety--Distress Alert in the Industry(1990)

At the pinnacle of sock industrial development in Shetou Township. Changhua County, it could be said that out of every ten people, five would be wearing socks that were made in Shetou County. Yet it was inevitable that, with the gradual shifts in industrial structure, China began to attract investors with its cheap labor. Businesses that were able to do so relocated their factories across the strait, and created a vacuum in which the textile industry was thrown into. Decreasing orders led to lower sales revenues, and thus on to vicious price competition and total chaos.

The Year of Tranformation--Where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity.(1995)

Chairman Hsiao felt that the only way out of the crisis was to purchase higher quality cotton yarn and advanced machinery, even at a high cost, because only by obtaining export orders and providing high quality products could save his company. Thereby, he began to OEM a myriad of products, including socks, scarves, caps and etc. for foreign companies. This included manufacturing sports socks for renowned sports brands like Adidas, as well as Disney production "Toy Story" themed chlidren's socks. Mr. Hsiao's ventures and products received high acclaim, and has made Soxlink Co., LTD an excellent example of utllizing the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Many famous companies rely on manufacturing socks of Soxlink. 

Even Hello Kitty or Disney, there is no exception.

Our team took pictures with the socks of various brands.

The Year of Innovation--The Blue Ocean Strategy(2009) 

Soxlink Co., LTD continued to receive overseas OEM orders for various well known brands, and aside from that. Soxlink also developed and designed a series of medical footwear and protective gear that are highly popular both domestically and abroad. Especially in terms of the foreign market, countries in Europe, the U.S. and Japan have a higher standard of living and spending power, and are significantly more receptive of high quality, high price but also highly functional healthcare related products. Chairman Hsiao, unspoiled by his success, went on to create the Soxlink brand and sell products unique to his company. The national flag patterned scarves that were distributed at the New Year's Flag Raising Ceremony for several consecutive years were precisely one of Soxlink's signature products, and the way the ceremony audIences fought over the gifts made Soxlink a widely recognized household name.

The National Flag And Horse Patterned Scarves(Photo originated from

The National Flag And Taiwan Reprsentive Building Patterned Scarves(Left One)

The President Tsai Figure Patterned Scarf(Right One)

Industrial Upgrading--The Birth of the Soxlink Tourism Factory(2011)

Soxlink Co., LTD initiated development plans for a tourism factory in 2011, its purpose is to provide a historical overview for the industry, and serve as an demonstrational sock factory. The plan is a milestone for the enterprise in stepping from the manufacturing into the service industry. The King of Socks-Chairman Hsiao, has never stopped endeavoring to differ from his fellow competitors, how to create a unique brand value, and how to enhance the functionality of Soxlink products. This determination to transform and improve has made Soxlink become the successful enterprise it is today.

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Team Profile

Name:Wei, Chia-Yi


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Chou, Yi-Chun

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Cheng, Yu-Chieh


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Hsiao, Hsin-Yu

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Hsieh, Ju-Ying

Class:10th grade Class 3

Supervising Teachers

Yang, Tsung-Chieh

Tsou, Mei-Ling

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