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About Soxlink Tourism Factory

The sound of operation of the hosiery machine had been familiar to natives working hard in Tianjhong for many years. However, under the magnetic push and pull effects of globalization trends, some enterprises chose to leave and face the change of industrial structure and market while the Chairman of Soxlink while Mr. Hsiao chose to stay in Taiwan, and turned the manufacturing industry into service industry. In the meantime, the original factory was upgraded to a tourism factory to spread the knowledge and technology of sock weaving. The king of socks, Soxlink tourism factory, was set up to be a demonstration of the socks factory in 2011. Therefore, we could not only understand the knowledge of socks, but also have some deeper acquaintance with the local enterprises. Soxlink joined the traditional enterprises with innovation through tourism to inherit the spirit and service of permanent business.

From Chia-Tai company to rent six Japanese double-needle weaving machine, Soxlink founded its own business originated in 1979, and became the original socks manufacturer of other companies. Then, Mr.Hsiao set up the the brand of Soxlink—襪子王(which means “the king of socks” in Chinese) in 1983, and started to receive orders from abroad, such as Umbrella, PGA, YSL, kitty, ELLE, Pipe, Pierre Carden and other famous companies. In recent 30 years, Soxlink constantly Innovated in producing technology, and the quality of products was highly upgraded to the level of international companies. In 2004, Soxlink was expanded, and now still the major products manufacturer of international brands, such as Foot Smart, Reebok, Tafget, Nike, Disney and other well-known brands. Mr. Hsiao still upheld the business philosophy, “Be honest, pragmatic,innovative, quality and serviceable forever!”, to continue developing new products. Mr. Hsiao was confident that by hard working he had led the Tainwan hosiery industries in product quality and research and development to a glorious road.

The Story of the King of Socks

When Chairman Hsiao was a primary school student, his father was a worker who fixed the railway. His father got up early to work, and came back very late every night. Sometimes, he should work in the midnight. No matter how bad the weather was, his father had to go out to work if needed. This job was really difficult and dangerous. Every night, Chairman Hsiao washed his father's feet, and found that his father's feet were frostbitten in the cold weather, and scalded in the hot weather. For the sake of repairing the railway, his feet even bled sometimes! Therefore, he made up his mind to weave suitable socks for Father when growing up. 

From then on, his father introduced him to some sock factories as an apprentice to the techniques of sock weaving. Then, Chairman Hsiao gradually established his kingdom of socks, and become the king of socks at the present time.

After Soxlink tourism factory was set up, he built a statue in memory of his father.  Without him, there would be no king of socks!

Statue of Father of the King of Socks

Reference Source:

1. Soxlink Official Website

Team Profile

Name:Wei, Chia-Yi


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Chou, Yi-Chun

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Cheng, Yu-Chieh


Class:10th grade Class 3


Name:Hsiao, Hsin-Yu

Class:10th grade Class 3

Name:Hsieh, Ju-Ying

Class:10th grade Class 3

Supervising Teachers

Yang, Tsung-Chieh

Tsou, Mei-Ling

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