Participate in various competitions Individualized Instruction Focus on medicine and kendo Uninterrupted practice


The Elements For A Project

*Humanistic care

During interviewing Dr. Hsu’s students and family members, we all learned that Dr. Hsu is actually an caring person for his students. Even though his profession is a physician, his care for disadvantaged students isn’t less than school teachers gave to. He expanded their horizons to the world by leading them to participate in overseas competitions, even more helping each student recognize their own strengths and talents. The spirit of selfless dedication that we admire lets us know that if you really want someone to be good, do not ask him to achieve the goal you set up for him. All he needs is your encouragement and emotional support with your good company. We believe that even at a young age we are enabled to spread the Power of Love to people around us.

*Ability to use Information technology

With the clear guidance provided by teachers, we searched the Web, and presented the datas with mental maps. We built the project topic and developed the clear direction step by step through constantly filtering content. In addition, we proofread writing and corrected ungrammatical sentences with each other through the network platform when writing interview questions and data. Moreover, when we organized photos and created a web page, the computer and network equipment was very much required. With above-mentioned tools, our project was completed gradually.

*Take the initiative to explore

You can get what you want to learn as long as you read carefully the textbooks of all the courses in the school. However, in this competition we’ve got whole new vision of learning experience through our own hands and mouth, interviewing and filtering data and slowly obtainig the information needed for the project. It isn’t convenient to access to information with ease; even so, everything we’ve been through is deeply imprinted in our mind.

Information tools & technologies





Digital camera

Taking photos at meetings and interviews


Editing and making the website


Saving photos, interview transcripts and the website


Art-editing the taken pictures


Typing interview, transcripts, making website, art-editing


Searching for information, Discussion on the Forum


Scanning notes and mind maps


Uploading the website

Recording device

Recording interviews


Organizing sub-topics and questions

Influence and Impact

Although we’ve never seen Dr. Hsu, through the information his family and disciples provided, he’s known as a dedicated man to the Kendo teaching, being praised by everyone .

We, as students with good grades at school, went to help other younger students in need, even more understanding the efforts Dr. Hsu made. He kept non-stop enthusiasm to make many students like Kendo, helping them to regain the fun for learning by going in competitons everywhere. Furthermore, Dr. Hsu guided his disciples to learn people skills from Kendo. That ‘s why we admire him very much, especilly after only two-day teaching the younger learners, even having the desire to quit the task. Although we can not be like Dr. Hsu having the great power to affect so many people, we can still help friends with their homework, and affect them to love learning as much as we do.

Intellectual Property Rights

a. All the interviews, written texts and photos on the web pages are made or taken by the team. Photos of the interviewees are presented upon their agreement.

b. For articles and photos from other webpages and re-edited by the team, the original resources are indicated on our web pages.


During the writing process of the project, we’ve learned about Dr. Hsu's contribution to Taoyuan Kendo and many his students. The purpose that we made a brief presentation of the stories collected from interviews is to let more people know that there are still some people willing to devote their lives to helping others selflessly. We hope to promote the big love among people so that the community will become more friendly and more peaceful.

Discovery, Lessons and Wonders

Afetr the writing process of the project, we found that a thing cannot be judged by the outside of it. At the start we decided the topic “Dr. Kendo”, who is thought as a normal Kendo coach similar to the others; however, through interviews and the visit to Kendo Story Hall, we realized the important step to understand someone deeply, not just based on the information gathered from pages, is to discover the touching stories on our own. And what is more, through the interviewee's emotions rather than the cold text, we can feel their profound gratitude to Dr. Hsu.