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Shared experience

Different from the previous teaching model, we led the children to learn through inquiry. In addition to the growth of children, our teaching skills are also improved a lot. Especially in the process of orientating students toward the study, we found they who often came up with many unexpected ideas had good inquiry skills. Teachers needed to find more information and suggestions, so that they could take a broad perspective to work out the problem, slowly building the research structure and finding the desired answers. The children can develop a broad range of abilities by being given more chance and more space to think.
       In the process of doing the project, we sincerely thank for many photos and stories provided by Dr. Hsu’s disciples and Dr. Hsu Yen-lang, which helps us get to know more about Dr. Hsu, Heng-hsiung’s dedication to kendo teaching. Meanwhile, a touching story relative to today's society packed with the pursuit of fame and fortune can be a model for students to learn how to care for people in their life and then enhance the moral goodness of human nature and warm-heartedness inour society. We also hope that the research project can offer those children different ways to learn, so that they can develop adaptability to changes that they will undoubtedly face in the future.