Participate in various competitions Individualized Instruction Focus on medicine and kendo Uninterrupted practice

Young swordsmen

Chang, Chi-heng
After the study, I found that being a teacher should be patient and kind, which is not as easy, as imagined. Thank the teachers giving us the chance to experience how to be a teacher. With the experience, I admire Dr. Hsu all the more for his devotionto kendo teaching.

Shih, Ting-li
The participating in CyberFair let me get familiar with kendo which was totally strange to me at first. Especially, the selfless spirit and services of Dr. Hsu, promoting the Kendo activities and fostering a love of learning in unmotivated students, are worthy of admiration. I hope I can become the same person as Dr. Hsu.

Lin, Ching-heng
I am so glad to join this project, because I can have more understanding of Kendo Doctor, Dr. Hsu Heng-hsiung, in addition to learning the knowledge of kendo. Dr. Hsu used scientific methods to help many players find their own mistakes and shortcomings, guiding them to win awards in many competitions, which is such an incredible success.

Chen, Ching
When the interviews were over, I found that Dr. Hsu Heng-hsiung is really great. Especially in the later period of his serious illness, Dr. Hsu from time to time went to Kendo Hall to watch students practicing, giving them advice on kendo and even donated his inheritance to help disadvantaged kendo players continue their studies. When I become old enough, I will help others who need help.

Huang, Yu-hsuan
After the research project, I deeply appreciated the importance of cooperation. In the morning I had to practice the choir which didn’t allow me to participate in discussions on the project. I needed to use the recess to keep up with the progress. As Mr. Chiu said, even though the team competition is the calculation of group results, each competitor still has to make a effort to earn points for the team.