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Experiencing the Teaching

Data:Jan. 16-19, 2017
Place:Subject Classroom

From the story told by Hsu’s disciples, we knew that Dr. Hsu, even suffering from cancer, never stopped kendo teaching and still went to Taoyuan Kendo Hall to care about the practice of kendo students, giving them advice all the time, hoping to improve their kendo technique. We however, as elementary students, are difficult to understand how hard the work of teaching is. So the instructor assigned us to help other younger students with their homework after the final exam. The teacher expected that we could be the same with Dr. Hsu, full of love and patience. We, as students with good grades at school, were definitely full of confidence before the mission

On the first day of teaching, the teacher arranged two students to instruct younger learners to correct the mistakes in their math exam. We found the math questions were very simple and then maybe we said something with scorn, which caused the learners to refuse to cooperate with us even though we explained the meaning of the question with patience. Finally with the bargaining chip – biscuits, they began willingly to listen to us. The bell was ringing soon, and we spent a whole class to teach them just only three questions because we tried to pacify their emotions most of the time. Three days in the past, we did our best to teach them, feeling exhausted every day. So it is difficult to imagine that how Dr. Hsu could continue kendo teaching through most of his life, and his disciples were also willing to devote their careers to kendo teaching, which is really worthy of admiration.