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Taoyuan Kendo Story House

Data:Dec. 16, 2016
Place:No. 24, Yongle St., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330

Kendo Story House is near Taoyuan Railway Station, where the people coming from the other cities can arrive on foot. Because it’s just opening, there is no tour guide service. Before entering the Story House, you can visit its facebook to make an appointment online or contact with Mr. Huang, Director of Chin His Junior High School. Because Director Huang and Dr. Hsu Yen-lang (Dr. Hsu Heng-hsiung's brother) knew the intention of our visit, they both were willing to guide the whole tour to explain the process how Dr. Hsu did efforts to promote kendo, which is really an admirable experience.

Kendo Story House at present is the alteration of Hsu Otolaryngology Clinic. In order to help us feel the situation of the original clinic, Director Huang and Dr. Hsu Yen-lang showed us all over each corner of the first floor, and with a simple introduction, recapturing the original situation that patient and kendo players walked back and forth in the clinic. So we found that if you want to get to know more about Kendo Story House, a specialist who offers a tour guide is needed. What comes next is the concert hall of the second floor, which provides the exhibition space to the art performances.

The third floor of the building is the real story exhibition area, where is divided into seven major themes mainly introducing Dr. Hsu Yin-ko and Dr. Hsu, Heng-hsiung's life. The most eye-catching is the ceiling filled with bamboo swords signed by Hsu’s disciples, being as national players. We also saw the interviews of Wu Cheng-wen, and Huang Kuang-jung’s and Liu Yu-yuan’s bamboo swords. In the showcases are displayed many medals won by the team led by Dr. Hsu. One of the most attractive to us is a headscarf awarded by the Prime Minister of Japan. With the gift given by the great man of president level, it’s believed that Dr. Hsu's contribution to kendo education is obvious to all.

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan attended the opening ceremony of Taoyuan kendo story house on Jan. 15.


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